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HearthStone Parts & Accessories

  • 750 Millivolt 23" Thermopile 750 Millivolt 23" Thermopile

    750 Millivolt 23" Thermopile

    SIT 750 Millivolt 23" Long Thermopile This is a very common part for many manufactures of gas fireplaces, below is a short list of what we know this part will cross reference with. Manufacturer Cross Reference Regency   ...

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  • Bennington Ash Door Latch 93-73506

    Bennington Ash Door Latch 93-73506

    Hearthstone Bennington Ash Door Latch Kit 93-73506 PROCEDURE: 1) Remove and discard the ash door latch assembly by loosening the setscrew(s). 2) Install the new latch assembly as shown below. Start out with one spacer on the inside of the door. The...

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  • Bennington Primary Air Control Link Kit

    Hearthstone Bennington Primary Air Control Link Kit #5350-007 PROCEDURE: 1) Underneath the back of the stove, locate the phillips screws that secure the bottom heat shield to the bottom of the stove (see figure 1). Loosen the screws with a stubby...

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  • Castleton 4" Outside Air Adapter 90-53308'

    Mobile Home Outside Air Adapter 4'' 90-533088 Allows an 4" outside air vent to be connected Outside air Adapter that is sold separately. For use with the Castleton wood stoves only When considering placement of the duct on the inside and outside...

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  • Catalytic Combustor  CC-001

    Catalytic Combustor CC-001

    CC-001 Wood Stove Catalytic Combustor Made in the USA by Condar Dimensions: 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick, wrapped in a stainless steel can with flange and gasket. Designed for use with the following models: Vermont Castings SENECA Vermont...

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  • Clydesdale 8491 Blower 94-57910

    Clydesdale 8491 Blower 94-57910

    HearthStone Clydesdale 8491 Blower Replacement Kit Designed for use with the Current Model Clydesdale 8491 Wood Burning Insert only for the Clydesdale 8490 replacement blower kit please see Part # 94-57900  ASSEMBLY CONTENTS: (1) Right Fan Blower...

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  • Craftsbury Baffle Support #5390-070

    Hearthstone Craftsbury Baffle Support #5390-070 The Baffle Support is the Stainless Steel bracket on the front side of the baffle on a Hearthstone Craftsbury wood burning stove. #35 in the above picture </div

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  • Craftsbury Ceramic Baffle 3120-390

    Craftsbury Ceramic Baffle 3120-390

    Hearthstone Craftsbury Ceramic Baffle 3120-390      Measurements: 12-1/4" x 10-1/4" x 3/8"   TOOLS REQUIRED: 10mm Metric Wrench or Socket Phillips Screwdriver 1. Locate the two nuts on the left and right side of the top...

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  • Craftsbury Door Latch 93-73900

    Craftsbury Door Latch 93-73900

    HearthStone Craftsbury 8390 Front Door Latch Kit Part # 93-73900 Includes: Set Screw (4) Spacer Chrome Handle Crank Front Door Latch Washer Does NOT include 90-71100 Wood Handle kit, HearthStone Wooden Handle         ...

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  • Craftsbury Gasket Kit # 93-58900

    Craftsbury Gasket Kit # 93-58900

    HearthStone Craftsbury Wood Stove Gasket kit Gasket Kit 93-58900 includes: 7FT 1/2" low density gasket rope 4FT 3/16" low density gasket rope 3 piece glass gasket clips 1 gasket glue. PROCEDURE:  1. Open the front door. Remove the door by...

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  • Craftsbury Heatshield 93-68900 Craftsbury Heatshield 93-68900

    Craftsbury Heatshield 93-68900

    HearthStone Craftsbury Rear Heatshield 93-68900 INCLUDED IN KIT: (1) 5939-010 -Heat Shield (2) 5939-015 -Heat Shield (1) 5939-020 -Heat Shield Extension (Top Exit) (1) 5902-120 -Heat Shield Extension Bottom (2) 4500-3435 -8-32 x 3/8” Screws...

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