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Avalon DVS Insert Parts

  • Avalon/Lopi/FPX SIT MilliVolt Gas Valve

    Avalon - SIT MilliVolt Gas Valve

    Avalon    -    SIT 820.704 MilliVolt Control Valve   Travis NG SIT valve, 820.704   Quick Drop Style with 30% Turn Down Regulator,   Multi-functional gas control with single operating knob (OFF, pilot, ON),,...

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  • Lopi/Avalon/FPX   -  250-00354   Tadpole 12' Gasket  250-00354

    Avalon Gas Fireplace Tadpole Gasket - 12'

    Avalon Gas Insert and Gas Fireplace   250-00354  Tadpole 12' Gasket 12'  x  3/8"  x  3/4" Black Tadpole Peel and Stick Gasket     This Gasket is used on most Avalon Gas inserts including but not limited to the...

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  • Avalon/Lopi Square Rheostat 250-00303

    Avalon/Lopi Square Rheostat 250-00303

    Avalon  /  Lopi  -  Square Rheostat 250-00303 Avalon and Lopi Universal Rheostat   w/Off Position. Comes with (2) male connectors.  Works with just about any fireplace fan system. 1 3/4" x 2 3/16" x 1" KB...

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  • Robert-Shaw to SIT Retro Kit 93007308

    Robert-Shaw to SIT Retro Kit 93007308 This kit is to retrofit a Robert-Shaw pilot assembly to a S.I.T. pilot assembly. It comes with all necessary parts including the pilot assembly and LP pilot "injector" (orifice) This kit contains a SIT pilot...

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  • Robertshaw Thermocouple

    Robertshaw 18" Quick Dropout Thermocouple Robert-Shaw  #1960  Thermocouple   -  18" overall length  - Thermocouple is a special low-mass or quick dropout thermocouple. It is usually found on applications that require...

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  • RobertShaw Thermopile

    RobertShaw Thermopile 1950-518 Thermo-generator or Thermo-pile   -   generates 750 millivolts to operate Robert Shaw control valve. Mounts in most Robertshaw and SIT pilot assemblies Robertshaw® thermopiles are the industry leader for...

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  • LOPI  Pop-Top Pilot Assembly NG LOPI  Pop-Top Pilot Assembly NG

    S.I.T. Top Mount Pop-Top Pilot Assembly NG

    S.I.T. Top Mount Pop Top Pilot Assembly Natural Gas SIT MilliVolt Top Mount, #199-733 Pop Top Pilot Assembly Includes  Thermocouple, Thermopile, Pilot,  Pilot Tubing and Spark Electrode   Avalon / Lopi / FireplaceX  250-00412 ...

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